Ruxed LLC

Ruxed is an Olympia, WA-based creative agency that creates award-winning websites, apps, films, and eLearning.

We craft each pixel and line of code with care. Combining innovation and best practices with the latest technologies, we create visually appealing, easy to use, stable, and secure websites and apps. We serve clients locally, nationally, and across the globe.

Meet the team.

Shyloh Wideman, Creative Director / PMP

Co-founder Shyloh Wideman is a certified Project Management Professional and brings over 20 years of design and management experience in integrated strategy, design, communications, and marketing for IT product development, deployment, adoption, and support. Shyloh specializes in education, non-profit, and government sectors.

Dan Steeby, Development Director

Co-founder Dan Steeby brings over 17 years of lead development experience designing, developing, and maintaining corporate, government, and non-profit websites, online applications, databases, and servers. Dan specializes in corporate and government sectors.

Dan Fridman, Director / DP / Cinematographer

Dan Fridman is a director, director of photography, and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience working in documentary, narrative, video-journalism, and commercial content. Dan’s commercial and broadcast work has aired on ABC’s Good Morning America, Comedy Central, ESPN, IFC, CBS, Vice, and other national news and entertainment outlets. Recent film credits include Public Hearing, Brothers Hypnotic, and ABC Digital’s Around The World With Christane Amanpour.

William Lehman, Director / Editor

William Lehman brings over 10 years of experiences as a director and editor specializing in documentary and narrative storytelling for film, television, and web. Most recent award-winning films William worked on include the award-winning documentaries Meru and The Yes Men Are Revolting.

Meet our clients.